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We are designed to provide an environment as a resource for the community to achieve wellness in their personal lives. Our mission is to help the whole person realize total wellness. At Wellness Health Options we provide all the necessary components to assist you in your management of health for your emotional, spiritual and physical body.

Wellness Health Options has announced the creation of Integrative Therapies – a collective group of practitioners committed to providing affordable, compassionate integrative therapies to enrich body, mind, spirit wellness.

Betty McKisson, RN, CRNP, LMT, owner of Wellness Health Options, explains the goal of Integrative Therapies.  “As practitioners, we offer acupuncture, aromatherapy, energy work (Reiki and Therapeutic Touch), massage therapy, physical fitness assessments and training, nutrition assessments, beauty enhancements and support beauty enhancements and support and guidance to become more self-aware and motivated to achieve goals and obtain one's true potential.” 

Integrative therapy utilizes both conventional and complementary approaches to health and wellness with the goal of promoting health in the whole body.

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