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About Us

W.H.O. has been serving the community with integrative health care since 1990. We are dedicated to integrate holistic healing practices to advance the health and well being of clients. Trained to look at the whole body, seeing the fragmentation occur, chemicals for medication, and no touch ---- we recognize that we have become disconnected and distressed. Even with the best doctors, medications and techniques, research says we still have more illness than ever. Stress from our lifestyles is one of the contributing factors. 

At a 1998 medical conference, a keynote speaker from the National Institute of Health said that the number one killer is not heart disease or cancer, but job dissatisfaction. We work to get more "things" to help us feel better and to gain more time for ourselves, then get caught up and conditioned in the cycle. However, we keep driving ahead, not stopping to be mindful and enjoy what is already here. We forget to use some of our given senses: smell, see, hear, touch. He also mentioned that the gift we can give our children is to teach them to be quiet and breathe. Can't we get it???

 Healing touch is what we provide.